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The LinkedIn Petpeeve.

I have been modifying and updating my linkedin profile to great success. My profile is being viewed a lot more and I happen to make a lot of new connections. My goal is to get 1000 engaging connections before the end of the year which isn’t very hard to do.

There is one pet peeve that does bother me a bit. This is the lack of consideration when people send me an email sales pitch without getting to know me. I was sent a message from someone who did not even make an attempt to get to know me. I am assuming they were scanning profiles on leadership and found me.

Instead of engagement I received an invitation to go to an old school landing page. This person was clearly attempting to build a list. I decided to send them a personalized message through LinkedIn and respond to the message they sent me. My message was very professional and I even made a few recommendations, observations and advise. Guess what happened next?

Nothing! It’s been a few weeks and the person added me to their connection. There was no reply or response which makes me believe that the initial message was a canned email. Someone has been telling this person to use LinkedIn as an email campaign…

LinkedIn is still a social platform for conversation and dialogue. Get to know the audience first before you send an email pitch. Chances are you might get a better reaction or response!

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