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The Human Coupon

As an entrepreneur you have to appreciate a company that does something fresh and new. I was at the waterfront station in downtown vancouver this morning. For anyone outside of Vancouver, this is one of the biggest hubs for morning commuters and Ikea decided to plant their newest marketing brand awareness display. They have devised a pretty nifty and smart way of relaunching one of their stores that was closed recently for major renovations. Their display involved Ikea employees who got to stand and display themselves as a human coupon. They also got to talk to passers-by who had inquiries or questions on the new store thats about to open.

Check this marketing piece out!

The coolest concept about this is that it not only advertises the launch of the recently renovated store but it brings about a fresh way of creating brand awareness. Its gets people talking and is a more engaging way of getting the consumers attention many more ways than a bill board sign would.

The messaging beats any coupon marketing approach out there. Every human who walks into the store is a human coupon. This is not only a smart but creative way of approaching the business but it brings people into the store. This saves time in creating and printing of coupons, placement and advertising. Everyone human is a coupon. The concept is simple and creative.

How can you creatively get your customers talking about your business.



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