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The game changing moment of TRUTH!

Ironic moments are when you hear a story of how a so called self proclaimed life coach crying saying she isn’t good enough. How about a video production company that has no video on their sales-copy? How about a fitness instructor who felt he needed to loose more weight? My favourite is when I hear a startup entrepreneur that cant afford costs to build a business? These different individuals all had one thing in common. Some might say they needed a much needed transformation to succeed with their business aspirations. Other will say they need also need a miracle or a wake up call …

The fact is transforming yourself isn’t easy, quick or a simple process. It is possible as long as we understand how to change! The cold hard truth about business is while many attempt to seek fortunes, not many have the capacity to operate on the level it takes to become successful. I will give you an example.

This afternoon I consulted a service provider who has a ton of knowledge and expertise. This individual however has a social communication barrier. This person has met with a few coaches, communication councillors and advisors who have all tried to give this person tips on how to overcome this barrier. This person was present in body and mind but wasn’t listening to their advise. END RESULT – Come to jesus talk with me!  My opening line, “You have no place in business at the rate you are going!” After a suck it up princess, speech and taking all the excuses in the book and beating them down like a red headed step child we had overcome all the usual answers and responses. I walked away giving this person a ton of homework and a huge reality check. The situation behind this scenario is unless things change their business aspirations will fail!

I see this everyday from the people I meet to the pitches I receive. There is a lot of people running around like chickens that have had their heads chopped off. Dare I say I have been to a few networking events where you see the same people over and over again and not much change occurs. This is because many are so absorbed in the world they should be living in and very few focus on the current situation they are in. Being mindful of your current situation and where you need to go is just as important as breaking the patterns that hold you back.

I recently had someone I look up and respect give me some constructive criticism in some of the banter we normally have. While at first there was that moment where you have to let the bruised ego heal, the truth is some of the stuff shared to me was gold. I realized very quickly that if you took out the emotional effect any criticism has, theres some valuable tips and strategies being shared with me. END RESULT – Make a list of the next few things I have to do to elevate my business even further. You heard me, even guys like are constantly improving ourselves to operate at a higher level. I started focusing on my to do list. The difference between success and failure really comes down to action versus thought!

My blog post today might not be one on internet strategies or business growth tips but it is more focused on why we get into business into the first place. Finding that why factor and then focusing on the HOW factor. Heres a clue, If you apply the same habits for the next few months and you end up at the same place. Saying you wish you had more time to do this, and you need to get stuff done but you haven’t.  You are in what I call a VORTEX space of mindlessness. In order for you to elevate your game, you need to allow yourself to play the game. You might have dressed up for the occasion but whats the point in that if you haven’t left the house?

I used to work for an internet marketing company where they used to mentor start up internet marketing mom and pops on all the different stages of internet marketing. Most of the time the content was great, the coaching was superior and the guidance was one of a kind. This did not change the fact that at least 90% of those start ups failed! WHY, because our worst enemy in growing our business is ourselves.

To quote a friends thesis on a recent penguin blog post written today, the world doesn’t owe you success when you are starting a business, you owe it to yourself! The truth lies not in what you say but what you do!

What are you currently doing that can only take your business to the next level? If you have a list, share it with us and spend the next few weeks making it happen! I believe some would call it “making it rain!”



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