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The Evolution of Media

Media has developed over the course of time into 3 main progressive stages:

Paid (Pay Funnel Advertising)
Earned (Web outlook and coverage from corresponding websites)
Owned (Web presence and your website)

In the past few years Social Media has been the recent stage that is the glue that peppers all three stages of media. Marketing has become integrated with social media of late and. In the next few months we will see social media become a layer infused into all channels of your current marketing media platforms. Analytics are getting stronger and better which makes it easier to gauge effectiveness of all stages of media.

Silos that were created in the past will start to break down and become even more seamless as time goes on. As a successful entrepreneur you will start to adapt all these different stages of media. This will compliment your business and develop a better online and offline presence. Most people have asked what will be the next stage that will create a buzz. All signs point to a bold prediction…, Visual Media. With websites like Pinterest creating quite the stir all signs point towards the next form of media. Visual recognition determined to be the next wave of searching results on the web.

How are you integrating your business between all the different layers of media?

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