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The evolution of Email Marketing

With the continual growth of social media platforms like twitter, face book, google plus and linked in, the world is going through a powerful global conversation.
The book “Clue train Manifesto” had predicted this ten years ago when social media was just a buzz word for most. Through the Internet, people are discovering and inventing ways to share information at light speed. As a direct result your market has become smarter and quicker. Most companies still ask is email marketing relevant and will it survive the constant technological advances?

The truth is email communication cannot die. The format in how we receive emails might change, however Email marketing is more a human trend than a technological adaptation. People have been conversing for years. Commerce was built on the art of conversation. People still view emails as a somewhat personal way to keep in touch. Emails are also synonymous with security. Why is it that email confirmations are always sent to a customer after engaging in an online transaction? The reason being is it is a virtual receipt that can be archived on the consumer end. While social media platforms are still trying to capitalize on selling product through their respective branding pages email marketing is still delivering massive success at converting recurring revenue. Most marketers today still sell more through the email marketing channel. Almost all revenue channels like pay pal, online banking and shopping carts are connected to email addresses. People feel more secure connecting important information through email than any other outlets today.

Emails are getting smart and clever tactics on content and subject lines are being applied. Email writers are forced to engage the audience and get their attention. Videos, pictures, contests and creative a fun less formal atmosphere are now more common features on email campaigns. We are constantly reminded to walk in our client shoes. “Would I open this email and read it?” Companies have to spend more time in ensuring that email marketing is done right. The biggest reward is a longer lifeline for your customers.

Marketers still use a e-marketing plan and a campaign schedule. The customers go through an automated email life line however the content on these written letters tend to get updated with the influx of new content and information. Smart marketers ensure that their content stays relevant and updates are sent to their followers frequently. Scheduling of mail outs that co-relate with upcoming news promotions and launches still take place today. There is an SEO company out there that prides it self for over-delivering on content as they find that this increases the sales revenue on every launch. They have found that there still make revenue even when sales is not the main emphasis. The other evolution is as lists grow list become segmented and sorted by different demographics based on the type of client, location, spending history and consumer activity. Companies are becoming smarter on how they manage their list.

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