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The elements of writing out a business plan.

I recently helped out a client map out and write out a business plan. Its always hard for a creative mind to put all their thoughts together on a piece of paper. As a start up entrepreneur this is very common and its hard to come up with a business plan on your own. I recently came across some great business plan templates doing some research with the small business resources online. What I found is most business plan templates have common layers or steps when you are writing out a business plan.

The elements of a business plan contain the following:

  1. Business Portfolio Summary (Covers Business Concepts, and all arenas of the business)
  2. Business Analysis and Overview
  3. Product Line, Services and Resources
  4. Industry Forecast, Market Research and Demand
  5. Marketing Strategy and platform
  6. Daily Operation Analysis and Outlook
  7. Financial Plan
  8. Licenses, Permits and Paperwork
  9. Packaging of Service Agreements, Product Agreements and Business Documentation

Remember the details must be simple, clear and easy to read and understand.

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  1. Nice summary! Business plans are a must for when a company goes looking for funding. In case you get frustrated trying write your own, give us a call or email.We create professionally-written business plans tailored to the financing or grant you are going for – at a VERY reasonable cost!

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