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The Blogging blues!

I’m getting a divorce from the blogging blues! In case you haven’t noticed I took a few months off from my blog. A partial reason was the extensive amount of travel and events going on with the personal brand. The other reason was I had a point of inbound marketing chaos. I was starting to get more than 20-25 incoming emails a day. Some would say this is a great problem to have.
So I decided to separate myself from the unproductive point of motivation for my regular blog posts. I’ve been striving to maintain a minimum of 5 published blogs a week, and have been successful for the most part in 2012 and earlier this year. But when I start to get behind, then all kinds of shit hits the fan in my head…
“I’m so behind….it will take me hours to get caught up…maybe I can push myself to catch up on 40 blog posts in one weekend…”
 All of this shit in my head actually creates more anxiety and less productivity. It stops me from writing from my passion, instead striving for the numbers. It really doesn’t work and it’s time that I break it into more manageable chunks, and set aside time for it specifically. It’s funny because it becomes a habit, a bad one, that doesn’t ultimately serve the purpose of my work. I call it the blogging blues!
Becoming worried and bogged down by thoughts about how much hasn’t been done actually abruptly stops forward momentum, and leads to more of the same thing…not getting anything done!
That’s why finding what fuels your passion for your craft is so important! Not only will it make your creations more authentic, but it will mean you don’t have to struggle and fight with yourself to make time for it! You become moved to action, without exerting extra effort!
I am happy to say I have found my mo-jo and am back but this time you will start to see my publish content on my own terms and agenda. I am past the point of having a consistent editorial calendar and would rather focus on delivering quality content.

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