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The birth of a business…

…really is the birth of an entrepreneur. I have been looking back now at the last few years since I launched my online consulting business and have come to realized that starting up a business really is an education in itself. There is so much to learn and experience to gain from all the mistakes you make. The journey you endeavour really is vital for experience and education. Almost every successful entrepreneur will look back on the mistakes and learn from them. The truth is the only way you will learn from starting your business is from the mistakes you make.

If you want to avoid the mistakes you need to seek the advise of a mentor or an expert in your field. Successful people follow successful habits. These successful habits where habits followed by others before you. Yet I see so many businesses that avoid doing the market research. In fact some starts up will ask for the advise but then end up giving up on the implementations. Entrepreneurship is all about you taking action.

  • Where is your business today?
  • What is the Why Factor?
  • Where do you want to go?
  • What does your current business plan look like?
  • Where are you currently in your business strategy?
  • What do you currently want to apply yourself in the future?
  • Where do you see yourself going next?

The birth of a business really is the birth of an entrepreneur. Have you grown from your business?

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