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The Art Of The Sale!

Sales is often defined as an art. Some would say it is a skill and some are gifted with it naturally and some don’t know they have it within them. These days it isn’t hard to find information related to sales from self proclaimed gurus who have sold everything and anything related to sales.
How do you know what to follow and what information really relates to you… Simple, Read On!!!!

I believe sales is the power to influence people to make and act on a decision! I immigrated from Africa when I was 19 and I came from an IT Background… I was good at hacking into computer soft-wares and all kinds of things that could have got me into a lot of trouble. Fortunately I got my act together and decided to get a job that I really had no experience on…

That’s when I found a job telemarketing selling vacation stays to different resorts in North America. Let me put it this way if you can survive working in a call center cold calling people who really don’t want to hear from you and make a decent living from that you could literally sell anything… How did I find my calling…
a- I started selling when i stopped selling
b- I found who I was, my character and my being when I started to become successful
c- I realized I had a gift that I needed to share with the world…I had the power to influence people

You sell everyday!!!

You might not realize this but everyday you sell… You might not sell a product or a service but you sell yourself. You might be on a date and your selling yourself, Your on an interview and your selling yourself, Your with a group of friends and your selling your speech to them….!!!

The sales process in many ways happens in all walks of life…

Here’s my output on sales….

Every meeting, interaction or conversation is an interview in life… You sell everyday!

When you are on a date you are selling yourself
When you are trying to win an interview you are selling yourself
When you are trying to impress someone you are selling yourself

The list is endless… If you can feel comfortable selling yourself. Why can’t you sell a product?

The answer is simple. You need to believe in the product just as much as you believe in yourself.

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