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The Allan Knight Show!

In my quest to get more experience doing online radio shows I was asked to feature on two shows in one week. Allan Knight is both a business and family friend. Allan Knight has been a communication expert and works on clarity, confidence and impact for business platforms. Allan kindly requested me to be his very first guest speaker on his inaugural show and I was thrilled to be interviewed on social media engagement!

I was asked to give my take on social media and how engagement can create a social currency for any business platform.

I mentioned how the world is going through a massive conversation and engagement can deliver social media currency. Social media compliments the overall marketing process for a business. I cautioned against push marketing on social platforms.

I was asked to give 3 main tips when it comes to social media engagement and the big take away is as follows:

  • Be genuine and yourself when you are engaging on a social platform
  •  Talk to people and have a conversation. Get to know the people and ask questions
  • Create and Share content!

You can hear the entire interview here.

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