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The 3 common excuses

As I start to work with many businesses I come across 3 very common excuses that prevent growth. In fact I would say in 2012 these three factors were the most common reasons that prevented owners from taking their business to the next level. These factors were

  • Lack of time
  • Lack of resources
  • Lack of content

All of these excuses were reasons that I used when I first started up my consulting agency a few years ago. I too had to overcome such excuses and find ways to grow. The truth is you have the ability to discover the resources, do the research and manage your time wisely if you prioritized it. Its easier however to blame the business flaws on these excuses above.

The only time when my business grew and got the recognition it deserved was when I spend time to prioritize my research, managed a better schedule and built a team to apply resources to my goals.

As a business owner are you still operating with these three hurdles?

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