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The 12 Golden Networking Habits

Networking is fast becoming a trend in business these days. Businesses use networking to gather referrals, word of mouth advertising and viral marketing. Networking really gets you exposure to other potential prospects through your existing contacts and networks.

This increases your networking pool and in turn increases your prospect pool. Here are 12 highly successful habits you must put into place when it comes to networking

  • Prepare yourself before you go out and network. Study your market, get familiar with the people you are being connected to and get your facts in order before you meet different prospect
  • Time Management is essential when it comes to networking. Remember you aren’t there to socialize or mingle. You are trying to get out some business leads and so be selective on the networking opportunities. Time is money.
  • Always try and identify what your motives and business intentions are. This way you will be available to gauge your progress and see if you are on the right track. It always helps to have a specific plan and agenda.
  • Research and staying informed with latest trends and events in your market always draws a crowd. It also is an easy way to networking and start up a conversation. If you don’t have much to talk about it could get awkward. Always spend some time looking into trade magazines and websites. Information and product knowledge is key.
  • Focus on your agenda and stick to it. Don’t let outside interruptions or distractions take over. You are networking with people so make the time for it and don’t allow other indulges take over your time. Leave the office work at the office.
  • Always make an impression. Your first impression usually determines the future and growth of your business. Look sharp, presentable and always come prepared with business cards, brochures and contact information. Make sure you carry your business in your pocket!
  • It also helps when you meet groups of people at the same time as you save more time, hit up more prospects and give out more business cards. This in turns gives you more exposure. Don’t be afraid to work the room!
  • Always get your contacts to introduce you to your potential prospects. It builds credibility and in turn also gets you one step in the door. They don’t know you so the more people working in your favor the stronger the chances of them opening up to you.
  • Confidence, charisma and how you present yourself aurally is key to setting the right introduction and starting up a conversation. Ask questions and try to be interactive.
  • Spend time with the contacts and prospects with quality prospects.We all want quantity but at the end of the day spend your time wisely with the people you are connecting with.
  • Always remember to acknowledge your network pool.Return the favor as well to promote future affiliate relations.      
  • Going the extra mile by sending out thank you cards to anyone that has offered introduction will in turn reflect on your reputation and increase your public relations. It also makes your contact feel more appreciated

Remember collect as many prospect business cards as you can but the secret is in the follow up. A timely follow up on a warm lead increases your chances on closing the sale! 

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