Digital Rebel

Test Everything…

I recently attended a conference on marketing specifically on internet marketing and social media strategies and validated one key revelation. This revelation is that any form of marketing needs to be tested. Internet, Social or Direct marketing while having so many strategies and platforms require a time to test and implement to identify and gauge results. Test everything and judge nothing. When you are marketing your business you cant go in with any expectations. You also need or require a marketing budget to try these different strategies to identify what works and fails for your business platform.

The challenge with businesses today is they give up very quickly on any marketing the minute a strategy they had expectations on fails. People don’t fail but businesses do! At the end of the day your client demographics need to be identified and testing strategies and platforms will really give you a unique advantage in identifying where your clients are located.

In fact there are times when you identify new products, services or niches just through market testing. Time, patience and a budget are all required to thoroughly give your marketing strategies a chance to work. The other key impact to your business is dedicating time to learn new marketing strategies and implementing them. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs treat their marketing as a lab and will keep testing all kinds of strategies to find that sweet spot.

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