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Talk is cheap!

As an internet marketer I am constantly around other online marketers with a ton of opinions, talents and skills. We always seem to share ideas and different tips on how we can further improve business. There is one online marketer who is very talented and skilled. My chats with this entrepreneur can be very productive and useful for both parties. The only set back is while this fellow entrepreneur is always giving me advise on how I can improve my online ventures, he never takes his own advise. While most of us  started out through trial and error we all got better over time through practise and improvement. There are no short cuts to our trade.

The challenge with most talented entrepreneurs is excuses. The same applies to my friend. For some reason I am always being told what I could do better. There is always recommendations on how my last blog post could be even more engaging, The irony is my fellow entrepreneur has not managed to find time to even put out one blog post in the last few months. He wont be the only one out there with the same traits. The challenge with most entrepreneurs is the excuse of time. If I was to collect a dollar every time I heard someone say that they failed to achieve their business goals due to the lack of time I would be a millionaire!

The truth is you have to make the time if you want to achieve your goals. If you want to blog daily, dedicate 30 minutes a day to writing, If you want to load a video a week dedicate an hour to achieve this. Before you go out and judge your network of contacts just remember they made an effort and put in some time! What have you done lately with your time? Talk is cheap, take action!

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