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SWAG Marketing

In case this word is new to you, it stands for Stuff we all get (for free). I know the first thing that came to mind is the crap you receive at those conventions. Trust me I have had my fair share of SWAG! Most companies give out SWAG with the intentions of promoting their brand and creating a sense of guerilla marketing exposure. At least thats what the company is hoping for. Lets be honest a lot of that crappy SWAG ends up in the garbage unless its used for practical reasons. (Insert thoughts here, nail cutters, bottle openers, keychains, pens…) Today I actually want to highlight a marketing technique that I thought was absolutely brilliant! Do I have your attention yet?

I recently attended Eat Vancouver which was a major food convention at BC Place. There was a ton of stalls based on nutrition, good eats and a huge beer and liquor garden. Now while there was a ton of food tasting going on, a ton of chef contests and sales displays there was on stall that stood out the most and it happened to come from a very creative concept. You see this stall that showcased their fine selection of rum not only wanted to make a statement but they found a way to promote their social media fan pages on face book. The best part is the SWAG they were offering was something that did not cost a ton of money but heavily focused on product engagement during the event! In fact this was the first time in a while where I found something so creative, fun and user engaging that was so impressive and social driven.

What causes convention attendees were your SWAG at the event, send people to your stall and join your face book fan page? Hit the drumroll… A MOUSTACHE!

You see the rum stall had was giving out free moustaches that you could wear every time you tasted a shot of their rum and they encouraged you to wear and photograph yourself and post it on their face book fan page. The winner would get a crazy prize!  It worked brilliantly. When I got there everyone was wearing funny moustaches and the thing I observed is everyone was rushing to find where they could get these moustache. So we followed the group and found ourselves in a lineup to get to the rum stall front line. They were a ton of people taking photos of themselves and when I logged into their fan page on face book it was total picture chaos! This inspired me so much I felt I had to write about this particular branding technique!

The lesson here is you get more impact by being creative and not boring. Its more fun when your potential customers get to have fun using your brand products and finally find a way to promote your social platforms. We all know by now how important it is to build a social loyalty buzz. Some would call is strategy moustache marketing, I simply call it creative branding!


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