Digital Rebel

Strong body, Strong mind

I’ve begun to incorporate a regular exercise routine back into my life and realize it was really doing myself a disservice while I was neglecting the physical aspect of who I am as a person. I think everyone can relate and agree with me when I say that having a stronger body ultimately supports a stronger mind.
There are several reasons for this.
1. Feeling physically strong increases confidence and resolve
2. It produces a will power that spills into the rest of your life
3. You feel in control and there for more connected to your goals
4. It increases creativity, and ideas can flourish
One of my favourite things about working out is that space I get in my head for ideas and thoughts to come to me. Working out creates space for creative thought, a springboard for passion and innovation and authentic self-expression. I find the solitude when working can be very productive when it comes to creativity, vision and repurposing business plans.
I have to say in the past 4 weeks I have been extra motivated and have the energy to elevate my brand with some major announcements at the end of this year that will make 2013 event more successful. It’s safe to say that when you prioritize your health, the business will also flourish.

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