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Strengthening your alliances!


While some of you think this will be a history lesson on how the allies defeated Germany during the world war, I really am referring to your business alliances. Believe it or not most businesses today cannot survive without additional businesses, resources and contacts that help you make your business more efficient. This could include places you book venues or locations for your events, technical roles that support your business operations and many other vital roles and people you come into contact with.

While some of these partnerships are paid some contacts provide support for FREE. It is very important that you go out of your way to reward, acknowledge and show support towards these strategic alliances. It is important for you to take care of such people because they will in turn go out of their way in your time of need. This statement is so true. I recently had an extra hockey ticket and took one of my alliances to his first hockey game. Now this was not done to bribe anyone but more because we had developed a friendship and business relationship. In time we got to meet for future both formal and informal events and now I consider this alliance as a good friend who I can connect with on so many different levels.

This is just one of the few ways you can show your gratitude when someone is helping you. I will sometimes even go and beyond supporting my alliances with their business needs offering free advise and support with their business ventures. One of my close relationships this year was with a web designer who always recognizes me for supporting him take his business to the next level. We in turn now support each other with our respective business needs.

While a basic thank you can go along way, showing kindness, support and consideration to your alliances will help elevate how you do business. If you are not taking care of the people helping you grow your business you are missing out. These alliances are  as valuable as the jewellery you possess. It is your responsibility to take extra care of such people.

Here are some ideas on how you could show appreciation to those special people that help your business

  1. Gift certificates
  2. Tickets to a local concert or sports game
  3. Get to know their hobbies
  4. Coffee
  5. Take them for dinner
  6. Flowers, chocolates
  7. Spa Certificates
  8. Give them your products or services for free
  9. Free consulting advise or your time
  10. Refer business to these alliances

What are different ways you show gratitude to your business alliances? Comment on the blog post as I would be interested to see how you are strengthening such relationships.

By Bosco Anthony


2 Responses to Strengthening your alliances!

  1. Getting to know your busines Contacts is important and developing can lead to closer relationships which can ultimately lead to becoming friends. One can never have too many friends.

    • Very true my friend – You will be surprised how many people take this for granted.

      Some of the biggest accomplishments attribute not to what I know but who I knew!

      Food for thought!

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