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Staying Organized!

One of the biggest challenges with any entrepreneur today is staying organized. Most challenges involves the ever increasing stack of papers and clutter. I myself recently had this challenge with a ton of paper work that was in need of sorting and organizing. Entrepreneurs develop a bad habit of stacking paper work and its human tendencies to hoard such paper work. It was only after I went through a sort of clutter detox that i discovered 4 vital strategies.

My first discovery was that almost half of the paper work stacked was either not needed anymore or could e recycled. The challenge is I was paper hoarding for with the thoughts that I would need them at a later date. The challenge is so much time passes by that its not needed anymore. You also find out you become a collector of unnecessary paperwork. Recycling unwanted paperwork is the first phase of staying on top of the mess.

The second phase comes down to shredding sensitive information. It is important for safety reasons to shred important or case sensitive documents. The third phase would be filing or archiving information or paperwork needed for records. Finally digitalizing some of your paperwork or scanning documents will help with storage if you have a smaller space. Also scanned documents will also mean you can have access to such data on a phone or laptop.

After all 4 stages are performed you have more motivation to work and stay organized. The key is to apply the same 4 strategies everyday rather than letting paperwork stack. A good habit is to dedicate 15 minutes at the end of the day sorting out your pending paperwork. The more organized your desk is the more productive your work will be.

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