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Stages of content marketing

This year marked the uprising and evolution of content marketing. As search engines look for quality results and websites that deliver great content businesses have had to adapt and change their approach on marketing. It is important to understand that content marketing is an evolved form of marketing that focuses on inbound marketing rather than outbound marketing. The purpose of content authority is to create a brand following and reach a vast untapped market.

There are key stages to a content marketing strategy that are essential for deployment:

  • Researching of content
  • Releasing of content into distribution funnels
  • Optimizing content for organic search and SEO purposes
  • Connecting with an audience
  • Gauging the reaction through social platforms or comments
  • Refining the content marketing approach
  • Repeating the process over again

The stages above are crucial for any business looking to deploy content marketing strategies into their business funnel.

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