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What are social media reactions?

Social Media Reactions is when an audience responds to a brand message, action or observation with the intention of being validated or acknowledged. A brand that has a social presence should always remember that social media reactions are transparent and will occur regardless if a brand monitors them. Follow up and engagement is always recommended with the intention of protecting a brands image.

Types of Social Reaction

There are different reasons why web audiences react but most of the time there is an intention or form of acknowledgement that prompts the reaction. The following are social reactions one can expect.

Positive Reactions:

  1. Acknowledgement of a brand message either by someone agreeing with a message or supporting a message by the use of validation features on a social platform.
  2. Dialogue based interaction with the intention of having an open conversation with a brand.
  3. Validation is an audience validates or takes action based on authenticity, audience connection or brand likeability.
  4. Resourceful reactions are when the web audience offers insights or alternative feedback that could promote engagement and conversations.

Neutral Reactions

  1. Insightful or Fact driven reactions is when an audience doesn’t disagree or agree with you but would rather offer their two cents to the conversation

Negative Reactions

  1. Irrational reactions are when an audience is acting out of anger, frustration and or emotional response.
  2. Escalation reactions typically occur when operational issues aren’t being fulfilled or the consumer isn’t necessary satisfied with support, product or service.
  3. Malicious reactions are when the audience intends to do harm by lambasting a brand with the intentions of publicly causing shame to a brand.
  4. It is important to note that all of these reactions happen publicly so it is important to be authentic when resolving, monitoring and managing such reactions.  

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