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Social Press Releases.

A social media press release is very similar to any other PR efforts with the intention of social distribution, deployment and social broadcasting. A social press releases is more geared towards social engagement, reactions and sharing. Brands will deliver social messages across their various platforms with the intention of brand education, awareness and reaction.

There are many components to writing a social press releases and below are the more common entities when considering writing a social press release.

  • Write a compelling headline
  • Tag the relevant topic if there are multiple channels for such content
  • Give an overview of the relevant message
  • The Body of your content should be engaging or visual
  • Provide Facts however leave room for open debate
  • A Company bio is always recommended for credibility
  • Multi Media, video or visual engagement always promotes reactions and audience attention
  • Relevant Links to other platforms sites or resources validates your content
  • Contact information or relevant call to action is a good way to tell your audience what to do

Have you ever written a social press release?

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