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Social Networking

Social networking is the form of engagement across social platforms. While it is important to have a social presence it doesn’t do a business any use if you are not networking or engaging contacts through your platform. There are so many business that join a social platform but then do not take advantage of it.

Almost all platforms give you the ability to interact and engage people who will compliment your business. It is important to customize a message that promotes interaction so it is best not to pitch someone on the first message. The whole point is to get to know people first before you pitch them.

The conversation during social networking is a a two way interaction where relationships are built first. It is important for people to come back to you as a resource and this is how trust is built. The communication pattern is very different from a routine sales pitch. These responses are customized, catered to the person you are interacting and are done in a timely manner. Most of the time the walls are broken down when you are networking on social platforms.

This will in turn allow you to ask or tell your network about who you are and send them to your website. At this point it is easier to create benchmarks on conversion on call to actions. These call to actions whether an opt-in, sale or follower will eventually lead to a positive and measurable ROI. It is easier to measure ROI through social networking over time rather than measuring it by just being present on a social platform.

How are you utilizing social networking towards your brand?



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