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Social Monitoring

Social monitoring is going to be a major factor for many businesses in the months to come.

I have been working on a few projects lately with different brands and clients and have had many man hours on training, testing and applying over 20 different social monitoring tools in the past few months. I have had the luxury of playing with these tools for business, my clients and my own brand.

It really doesn’t matter what social monitoring tool you apply but rather what you do when you use such tools. Social monitoring is not just about giving a brand better insight but focuses more on engagement, conversation and in many cases content. It also allows you to identify opportunities your brand can take on. It is easier to monitor your competition and gives you the ability to recruit partners. Over all these benefits the one key factor that social monitoring allows you to have is control.

A company can now control its message, branding, positioning, marketing strategies and overall business plan based on what your market is saying. This control is vital and gives any business power to create and implement a direction it chooses to take. Most corporate companies believe that in the next 10 years their customer life line will change rapidly and a new breed of customers will form. Most of these customers will be better educated, informed and far more technical. As more and more brands face the task of managing the transparency caused by social media, social monitoring becomes essential and pivotal.

How much time do you spend on social monitoring? What do you do once you are better informed?




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