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Social Monitoring Defined!

Social Monitoring is now becoming a necessity for many major brands big and small. In fact in my recent presentation for Social Media Week in Vancouver I highlighted some of the major reasons why companies are starting to use the social monitoring process.
Social Monitoring is defined as the process of evaluating editorial content of media and social outlets on a consistent basis with the purpose of taking action or making an impact. Here are some of the recent uses for social monitoring by most companies today:
  • Trends,
  • news,
  • research
  • Content Bank
  • Keyword Research
  • Competition
  • analysis
  • Analytics,
  • Reporting
  • PR Management / Brand Reputation
But before you start attempting to monitor your brand ask yourself the following questions below
  • Questions To Ask When Starting out Social Monitoring?
  • What is the primary solution and purpose of your business?
  • Who are you key customers?
  • What department will manage social monitoring
  • How does your business stand out?
  • Do you have a content management plan?
  • How do you handle complaints?
  • Who are your competitors and what makes them successful?
  • What is the future of your product line?

Are you ready to monitor your brand?

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