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Social metrics redefined

I have been collecting and researching some of the social metrics important to brands and companies out there. Below is a list of all social metrics that you could attempt to track. From the list below which is the most important to you?


It is important to manage and track your online reputation. Social media, content and blogging outlets allows you to have your streams and links rank higher than negative posts and comments. Most companies will gauge their performance of their social media success by how they rank for their reputation online. When viewers see your content in positive or negative settings your social media is progressing. While you cannot control the reputation of your brand you can certainly manage it. Reputation is a key success factor when it comes to social media.


Through engagement and interaction we can manage how our brand is being represented online. We can combat scammers, take note of people who don’t gather proper facts about our brand and or follow-up through legal action with people misleading our brand followers on our industry. Social media had proven to be the outlet to help manage the brand risk factor by allowing engagement to social platforms. Companies have found success at reducing brand risk when managing a social and web presence. The ability to manage and protect your brand is even more crucial in such a transparent world.


Most clients, followers and affiliations are now on social platforms. The platform is a great tool of retaining customers and followers by promoting brand loyalty and following. Most brands capitalize on brand awareness by having a mass following of customers, followers and partners by building a tribe or community. It is important to gauge how well a brand is doing at retaining customers and followers. You can understand the measure of clients retained versus drop-offs and promote a healthy lifeline of customers.


We can improve on call wait times, inquiries and email efficiency by having and allowing a social engagement stream. Through chat, messenger, social reactions and comments, conversations are being promoted and occurring on a mass scale. This allows for inbound efficiencies and a company’s ability to do more online and spend less time and money offline. Companies typically report on an improvement of efficiency when social media is deployed. A brand can expect to improve operational efficiencies overnight when social media is put into action.

Business Intelligence

Social media can give a business unique intelligence of their industry, competitors and events occurring around the industry. Through proper social research one can get better insights and understanding of the industry, brand and environment. Social research is a great way of staying current and having a better idea of how the industry is shaping up. Business intelligence allows you to strategize your social campaigns and plan for an effective and targeted stream of marketing.


This is the process of analyzing how much your brand can stand out through various different segments of marketing including content and social marketing. Through differentiation one can segment the different streams of success through social platforms and gauge the effectiveness of social engagement, reactions and interaction. Segmentation can sort your data feeds and allow you see how effective your campaigns are including the cross-pollination of social platforms and integrated marketing.

Brand Association

One can certainly view how the following a brand can associate with a message or specific value proposition. Brand association allows you to track the process of building your followers and how they view or associate with your brand through behavior, actions and recommendations. It is possible to gauge the lifeline and strength of your brand through the loyalty and lifeline of your followers.

PR and Exposure

A great manner of growth from social campaigns is public exposure of your brand as well positive PR. The ability of how one manages their PR both positive and negative can certainly be analyzed and tracked. A brand can notice tremendous exposure through effective PR and viral campaigns. Such campaigns can be tracked and identified as far as reach, measure and action.

Immediate Revenue

This is the easiest form of measurement seeing real-time results through social efforts and campaigns. Short term ROI gives you insights how long your sales process truly is. If one can observe immediate ROI, it indicates the sales process and campaigns to see instant results and one can test short-term effectiveness of a campaign time frames.

Long Term Revenue

Social marketing will often see a longer sales cycles for certain brands and service related products. Sometimes the time frame for a marketing campaign will be longer where there will have to a be a couple of branding touch points before a buying decision is made. In this case social engagement has to occur for influence I occur.


The management of reputation and perception is essential for some brands and industries. It is important for a brand to manage its perception or also assess how the brand is being perceived by their followers. Based on inquiries, escalation or comments one can track and determine the overall perception ratio on ones brand either towards a positive or negative effect. Ratings and polls also can give better insights on a certain brand acceptance or opinions.


Social Metrics can also determine a recruiting lead funnel and based on the candidate applications or inquiries to the recruiter lines one can track how effective the social channels are performing. Recruiting has evolved from an online presence to a social presence as well over the past few years. Conversations and referrals are a great way of driving traffic to your website for recruiting purposes and candidate counts and lead funnels would be the area of interest when measuring social channels in this area.

Client Education

One can track how many clients you educate or service and hence increase the lifeline of the client. Client retention has always been very essential and social media can nurture that relationship. The key emphasis is to increase the client lifeline and also help educate to become more aware or product and services. This will turn grow your client funnel.

Network Growth

This channel promotes affiliates, partnerships and alliances. Through social media a brand can help grow their company through effective targeted partnerships. One can measure how many partnership deals are coming in through the social channels or driving traffic to web pages in this regard. This will develop and strengthen a network for a brand over time.


One can seize the opportunity through social outlets and increase lead generation from such presence. Opportunity is a common metric that would lead to better and cheaper cost per acquisition for lead generation. Social media can make a brand cost-effective streams of leads in real-time through social engagement and social networking.

Job satisfaction

Social media can gauge the employee retention at the workspace. Based on the negative or positive reactions through social monitoring one can identify how the company is fairing in the eyes of their employees. Metrics can also be put into place to identify how employees view their employers or brands. Social media makes it less transparent and easier to track and manage where applicable.

Escalation Management

Brands and companies alike have created specific measures to map out an escalation process for social platforms. You can gauge and improve escalation wait times through social engagement, chat and templates on social platforms. Resolving concerns or inquiries can be made easy through accessible social media. You can track the levels of escalation and incoming counts through your platforms and manage your brand better.

Customer Service

Social media can improve customer service wait time and overall customer service efficiencies by providing another way of communicating for the client or audience. Social media is managed by a customer service team to help with inquiries, questions or escalation about products or services. Modern customers will also adopt to social media over a phone or email as an additional option. It is important to cater to this form and track the engagement.


Finally, Social marketing campaigns paves the way for social advertising and through pay advertising platforms tracking is made simple. One can track the overall performance of a social presence through marketing campaigns and gauge the overall effectiveness of it. From a social perspective, advertising and marketing can be accommodated and the statistics are a lot easier to manage.

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