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Social Medias Primary Focus

Social media while necessary has sometimes been chaotic for many business platforms. The more speaking I do the more I come across businesses trying to make sense of the social chaos. Lets face it most of the social marketing plans I come across is either flawed or destined to fail.


The biggest reason is because social media is driven for immediate sales impact and instant heavy traffic which are probably the worth two things to focus your entire social campaign with! You see both traffic and sales are both eventual results of hard work however this is the primary focus when you start off a social campaign.

There are 5 primary focuses that eventually drive traffic and sales

  1. Become the brand!
  2. Build a community or a tribe!
  3. Become and authority and a resource!
  4. Engage the audience!
  5. Get social and close to your audience!

If you start of with this in mind you will be able to get more success instantly! How do I know this? I have tried it!


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