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Social Media Week: Keynote Resources

When Meena from ING Direct asked me to kick off Social Media Week in Vancouver I was honoured and excited. You see for the past year I have been blogging consistently and had managed to do over 35 keynotes on everything Internet Marketing and Social Media. Every presentation had fresh content and I had put in a lot of time into all my talks. We noticed that there was really no mention of Social Media Monitoring and so we decided to call my talk, Social Monitoring, Intelligence and Brand chatter…

This mouthful event led to a sold out event with over 100 plus seats filled on Monday when I took to the stage. My observations in the crowd is while some did try to monitor their brand there was 3 main factors that were of interest to the crowd.

  • The principles and guidelines to Social Media Monitoring
  • What to pay attention to when it came to feed, data and results
  • How to impact conversions and drive ROI
Some of the white papers shared

See my presentation below here as promised

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