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Social Media Week in Vancouver Recap

After a hectic week I needed some time to recover from all the speaking and networking events. This was my first time attending and being a part of Social Media week and it was quite the week. The impact on social media week for my business was tremendous. The connections I made were very beneficial to the business. The lessons shared and learned were much-needed to grow. All around this event was worth the effort and time put in.

Social media week is a global event and I was honoured to kick it off by being one of the main keynotes. My talk was dedicated to social media monitoring, intelligences and brand chatter. While the event drew out so many different attendees from different industries I was pleased to see some of my regular attendees from my meet up group. The social monitoring process was defined and tools were shared online for everyone’s perusal. That same evening I struck out a partnership that will prove to be very essential next year. The lesson learned from Day One was networking at the right event can be a major game changer! The evening ended with a great dinner from close friends in different industries.

Tuesday was a personal day for me however I did manage to meet with a few marketing associations over a few afternoon cocktails before attending a powerful panel that had some well-respected women in business. The panel promoted how each of these respected business women used social media and the impact it had to their business. While the attendees were primarily women the  teachings were simple, Social Media today is necessary for communication, engagement and it does drive ROI.

I crashed a blogging keynote by my friend Owen Clark and ended up being asked to share some of my blogging insight and success. Owen and I ended up ending the keynote with a similar keynote to the one shared at the Freelance Camp a few weeks ago. The attendees were surprised how blogging is one of the most under utilized tools when it comes to building a community. It’s easy to create a blog yet hard to maintain. The user experience is the most important lesson shared with the audience.

The most impact to my business occurred on Thursday when I spoke at the Vancouver Convention Centre and sat on a panel for Content is King. The #FPReach event was where I met and to hear Gary Vaynerchuk live in person. Gary has been a must see keynote for me and I finally was able to check the bucket list. I have preaching the importance of content for a few months now but Gary added one more essential layer to the pillars of success. That is the context of your content must be relevant to your audience. He also reminded us how effort is one of the most underrated capabilities has to offer. I also managed to capitalize on a twitter hash tag that most speakers forgot to utilize. The result was my twitter account growing more in one night than it has all year. The exposure, connections and networks built were extremely beneficial!

Friday ended with the big Dragons Event that I just happened to miss due to prior commitments. However I did run into the after party at Doolins that was put on by Socialized. It was a great way to wind down and gather my thoughts for the week. As I left the city to get back home the one thought that came to mind was success is built on one’s ability to show up and capture the moment and opportunities laid out in front of oneself. I realized that the success of my social media week was really based on

  • Seizing the moment and putting myself out there
  • Being myself and interacting with people rather than pitching anyone
  • Showing up to the grand stage and doing what I do best!
The tip I have to give to any business out there is show up, if you do not, someone else will! Food for thought…


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