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Social media marketing plan

I recently happened to attend a social media mastermind group with a few social media directors in Vancouver. I was fortunate to be in a room full of high level individuals who got paid my major corporations to manage their corporate brand. Now while these social media were experts in their field we all managed to share a common thesis on a social media marketing plan. I felt compelled to write about my recent adventure and share some of the important facts about a social media marketing plan.

  1. A social marketing approach is different for every business model because of the customers, product or operational business dynamics.
  2. Businesses can over complicate their social approach by being too corporate
  3. If you gauge your company’s success only by the traffic expectations you are bound to fail
  4. A lot of these up and coming social metrics are over hyped and over rated!
  5. Most social media marketing approaches fail because you try and adapt what other business models are doing
  6. Most companies do not realize that a social media marketing plan isn’t the end all and be all of marketing. It is a layer within your marketing funnel.
  7. Build your brand not your social platform
  8. Drive your brand as this will drive other metrics
  9. The most successful companies that were successful with their social marketing approach were the innovative thinkers.
  10. Use social tools that will make life easier
  11. Get personal and approachable.
  12. Build a community of loyal followers
  13. The most important lesson I learned about your social marketing plan is to UN-MARKET yourself! While its important to funnel a sales process do not make this the priority in your social outreach!

Are you applying any of these philosophies in your own social media marketing plan?

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