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Social Media Marketing Misconception

It is no secret that social media can generate followers, traffic and sales to your business today. It is no secret that using a social media platform can be very advantageous to your business. Yet there are so many different businesses out there that are on a social media platform and perform terribly.

The biggest social media misconception is if you promote your products and services directly the business will come. These businesses believe that if they have a social media account and if they post sales links business will follow. The truth is social media like any other marketing platforms requires social interaction, engagement and relationship building before your prospects make buying decisions.

Here are some social media marketing strategies to avoid

  • Constantly sending out posts, links and communications on sales landing pages before even conversing with your contacts.
  • Messaging people you haven’t built a relationship with pitching them products
  • Your profile only contains links to your sales platforms and landing pages and contains no other relevant content.
  • Having consistent rants about why your product is so awesome.
  • Expecting and waiting for people to add you without and networking or human interaction.

If the above trends happen to be your business and you are wondering why you are failing so miserably. STOP!

Social media requires you to:

  • Network with people virtually respectfully without sounding like a stalker
  • Engage in genuine conversations about who you are, life and common topics
  • Converse your follows into healthy debates and back and forth chatter
  • Share media, photos and content that is interactive and appealing to your list of contacts
  • Finally recommend what your audience can benefit from based on their business needs.

Social media marketing can be very effective only if you lose your sense of entitlement and be yourself!

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