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Social Media Influence

Social Media Influence is defined as the impact on consumers to buy into a brands message, following or inventory through social and digital mediums. Factors to consider when it comes to buying decisions include an online experience, search engines, and consumer research. Behaviors are determined through online reviews, conversations, recommendation and how a brand handles interaction.

Types of Social Influence

There are various different ways to influence consumers through social media outlets. Here are some of the following ways to create social influence:

  1. Digital Storytelling – Creation of various resources and content by the use of different mediums that are text, image, visual and audio with the purpose of engaging an audience.
  2. Visual Engagement – The presence of a brand on social channels through frequent posts, interaction and content.
  3. Likeability – The consistency in presence create visual reminders which in turns allows the audience to be more aware of a brand
  4. Directive – Audience prefer simple call to actions that they can understand and know what to do. By directing consumers you are simply complimenting your sales process.
  5. Clarity – A brands message must be clear to understand and easy to relate to. Most audiences are inspired by purpose, values and the ability to relate to a value proposition.
  6. Stimulating – Consumers are attracted to a visually stimulating and engaging medium. Digital images and creative are certainly ways to channel a reaction.
  7. Experience – People are influenced by opinions, reviews, recommendations and experiences. In fact people will almost consider a buying decision when they feel reassured by their research on an item, brand or product.

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