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Social Media “Foreplay!”

Ok, before your start to frown and start questioning this blog post I am not referring to that kind of foreplay!  The social media foreplay I am referring to is the relationship building and time you invest to get to know someone you have met through social media. This is crucial before you attempt to try and influence a social media contact in your favour! I was having lunch this weekend with a social media expert who coined this term and it peaked my curiosity.

He shared a story of how annoyed he gets when someone adds him on face book and then right away gets a pitched on a product, event or fan page invite. I am sure we have all been a victim of this or make this mistake before. Can you think of a time when

  • You barely got to know someone online before they started stuffing a product on you
  • Started getting an insane amount of event requests
  • Subscribed you to something

Well my friend shared a story of how he recently met someone who left a bad taste because of how he approached him on the social media platform. He chose to go in for the kill as we call it before even getting to know my friend. This is almost a credibility no no!  There are certain things you should consider before you enter a business conversation when building relationships with people you meet on the various social media platforms

  • Build a conversation
  • Find a common ground
  • Establish rapport and build trust
  • Share content that is appreciated
  • Recognize and acknowledge your contacts
  • Ask for opinions
  • Establish and identify boundaries on your contacts preference
  • Be respectful and considerate
  • People like buying, they just not like being sold!
  • Let the crowd come to you!

We call this vital stage the social media foreplay! Get to know your audience first before you go in for a pitch! Treat people how you would like to be treated. Remember if you do not follow this step you will end up losing credibility and people will start to avoid you online!

This is a trend you commonly see these days and I see people make this mistake over and over again! We are in the world of attraction marketing and in order to get a following to our brand we need to show our character first.


By Bosco Anthony

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  1. Your right, I hate it when someone pitches me right away. I also thought it was against Facebook ‘s guideline to sell from one’s profile page.

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