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Social media failures for a business.

I have been working on a few social strategies lately. I have also been around a few businesses to identify key factors as to why some business need to improve their social strategy. In fact the last few weeks have revealed 5 common factors as to why a business will fail in their social media plan. These factors seem to be recurring in most scenarios:

Divorce other forms of marketing

When a business gives up on marketing and solely focuses on social media as their only form marketing its an early sign of trouble. Social media is the glue that gets integrated into your entire marketing plan. A company that expects to get more from a fan page and ditch a website is misguided. A social platform compliments your business but isn’t your entire marketing approach.

Social media delivers sales instantly 

The harsh reality is social media takes work and results do not happen over night. Companies that focus entirely on pitching on every tweet, status update or send an endless amount of invites for sales presentation live a short lifespan in business. You loose credibility pretty quick. Sales on a social platform is gradual and very subtle!

Believe in the guru hype

When you spend a ton of money on social media experts that claim to success is their list of followers. Remember anyone get a huge following of fans but its the people that engage on your following that make or break your social success. Do you research and identify why an expert has become successful on social media. A start up business should not believe the hype. It takes time and hard work to be successful.

Focus on overrated metrics 

Social media has been flooded with a mass volume of social metrics and analytics. While some of these measures are designed to see how much of an influence you are, some metrics are really overrated and a waste of time. Its not just the quantity but rather the quality of conversations you are having. Social success is all about brand loyalty and engagement. Traffic brings about eventual conversion.

One way conversations do not get you anywhere!

If your businesses include comments, status updates or tweets to yourself you are in serious trouble. Social media is all about networking, sharing and conversing. A one way conversation makes you loose credibility very quick. You can usually tell how well a business following is by the reactions they receive on posts or the content they share. Remember the whole purpose of viral sharing if for people to react. No social reactions are an indication your social strategy needs an overhaul!

What are other reasons that cause a business to fail when it comes to implement a social media plan?

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