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Social Media Facts

This is the facts that contains numbers or statistics that are intended to wow or puzzle you. These facts are generated from experience, results and hard work. In fact some of these facts took months to identify. Here are the four facts that you need to be aware of about social media marketing.

Social media takes time. Successful business owners on social platforms realize that a social plan implemented the right way takes time. The implementation stage takes effort and hard work. Most social platforms today revolve around engagement, content and branding. All of these phases compliment your entire marketing plan.

Social Media Requires consistency. Like any marketing approach it takes consistency in content. When you build a loyal following of fans you need to be able to consistently engage the audience. The user experience of your social platforms are just as important as the consistency of your marketing approach.

Social Media is Different for everyone! Every business usually ends up having a different approach when it comes to implementing a social strategy. The platform, the branding message, the engagement and content may vary for each business owner. Be prepared to have different types of followers across your social channels.

Loose the sales pitch. We are now at a different phase of marketing. Push marketing is starting to loose its relevancy on a social campaign and followers are now attracted to pull marketing. Social platforms create an attractive brand where potential customers come to you. Its important to have a team of staff who can handle the inbound forms of marketing.

Conversation 2.0 = Content. The new form of client conversation is the content you publish. Engagement is created through the content you curate and publish. Good or bad reactions are better than no engagement.

How do you think social media has evolved?



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