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Social Media Event Management Proposals

I was recently asked to create a social media event proposal for a friend and thought I share the key elements to it. There are a few core categories in a social media event management proposal.

The template should cover the following criterias
  • Identifying the overall objective of the social media strategy behind the event – this would include the overall purpose of social media, promoting, attendee engagement, interaction and resource center for attendees
  • What are the current challenges with the event and what resources are required
  • Event calendar and competitor analysis – whats going on during that time and what other events are going on
  • The overall social strategy
  • Service Recommendations – things you need outsourced
  • Calendar of implementation
  • Specific Personnel Accountability chart – list of things to do and who is accountable
When writing a proposal – there is a selling feature of why a company should hire your services. This would cover the following aspects:
  • The company or who you are
  • What makes you unique over the rest
  • Your aims and objectives as brand
  • The target market and the people you will be targetting on behalf of the company
  • What tool you use to crowdsource, create buzz engage and monitor
  • Overall conclusion of what you are willing to do
  • Service Cost and pricing

Have you recently planned an event? What were aspects to putting a social media plan together?

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