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Social Media Diarrhoea

When social media started to build some ground companies were forced to use such platforms to compliment their marketing implementations. It no longer became a question whether you needed to be on a social platform but rather which platform worked best. Now when companies rushed to the social platforms, the old school marketing cats decided to use the same strategy that was used on direct marketing platform which in turn created what we call social media diarrhoea. This is defined as constant pushing of a brands sales pitch across platforms with the intentions of creating sales.

I chuckle to myself when I see big brand names try this approach. Recently I saw an established and credible TV network attempt to place the same message multiple times across a span of an hour. Social Media is all about conversation and direct marketing approaches really don’t have a place on such platforms. In order to create a buyers decision one must engage and influence a customer first. This does not work when your social status are similar to verbal diarrhoea.

Some business suffer from tunnel vision and even have the audacity to question why their social platforms wont deliver sales when all they do is pitch people the message everyday. Most audiences will either block, delete or stop following your updates if they find you have nothing valuable to offer or say.

It is important to discover and identify what will engage your potential customer. What interests them and how can you be a part of that interest. If you aren’t asking these important questions than you are missing out. This year alone a good portion of business and partnerships were generated through social outlets. Twitter has been great for networking and meeting new contacts. Facebook has been where people react and show positive sentiment to my social updates and messages. This in turn has helped me build a following and a presence.

What type of message are putting in front of your audience?

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