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Social Media Customer Service

I am constantly amazed at how poorly big brands perform at social media customer service. With the recent addition of Social CRM’s, dashboards and monitoring tools many major brands fail terribly at responding or engaging with customer inquiries on social platforms.

During the festive holidays I had to attend a few corporate functions and made reservations to stay downtown during the christmas party chaos. I booked a reservation for a couple of major chain hotels during this time. I typically ask for an email confirmation so its easy for me to apply when checking in through my smart phone. The challenge was the hotel never ended up sending me my email confirmation. So I ended up tweeting their handle making an inquiry about this. I did not receive a message in over 48 hours and on top of this when I send them a message using their handle they still did not respond. I decided to look up their twitter handle tweets and realized that there were multiple inquiries in to the hotel that were never answered.

The major hotel had no:

  • No consumer support on social platforms
  • Weren’t regularly responding to customer inquiries
  • No social media team or use of monitoring tools

While this was simply shocking I was surprised to see a small chain of taco restaurants in the city respond to me instantly when I made an inquiry to them. I also found the same great service with my bank when I contacted them during a stat day when the banks were closed and received an adequate response.

Are you paying attention to social media customer service for your business?

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