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Social Media Courtesy

This blog post is a rant and hopefully a message to businesses attempting to broadcast their marketing messages on social platforms. Stop! Social broadcasting is when you stop focusing on engagement and resort to spamming your audience with intentions of promotion. While there is some expectations to market your business, there should also be an expectation on how often you should promote your event.

This rant started off because of a recent event that happened to me lately. I recently had someone in the industry contact me to promote their recent workshop. I had mentioned to them that I only promote events that I happen to be associated with. This person then ended up sending two similar emails shortly after with the same intentions. I called them out and mentioned to them I had already responded to this email only to get some lame answer that his emails were different. I was still not going to promote his workshop, let my following know or find people who would be suited for the workshop.

If you do the following you are a social broadcaster:

  • Constantly promote events, products with little to no engagement
  • Email your network repeatedly asking for assistance
  • Use face book advertising models to promote events
  • Use Linked in, meet up and other platforms to promote the same event to the same following
  • Used Linked in as your personal pitch fest
  • Have other people in your following promote you socially with the intentions of benefiting your workshop
  • Tweet the same promotional message more than a dozen times
  • Using social media platforms as a sales platforms
  • Send the same email over and over again with no regard to response or interaction.

It is important to realize that not every in your social following is your customer. While many would support you if you interacted with them, it should be out of choice. We call this social media courtesy.

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