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Social Media Comments.

I recently attended a social media workshop with a friend of mine. My friend is what we call a corporate type A management personality who is very skeptical on the impacts of social media to business funnels. While most business platforms are evolving, most companies are still trying to figure out how social media fits into their business funnel. His biggest concern was the control and moderation of social media comments by customers or prospects who were not pleased with the business. In fact some of the other attendees shared the same challenges they faced with their marketing corporate type personnel who come  from a very close minded conservative approach to handling incoming escalations.

The truth is customers will find an avenue to voice out their concerns regardless of social platform. A good example is a recent homeowner who was concerned with being over charged by his electric company. He chose to contact the media outlets and within a few hours it was all over the major news networks. We all remember Dave when he decided to upload a video on You tube labelled United Breaks Guitars which promoted a few million views online. At the end of the day as a business you either choose to welcome your social media comments or allow your customers to find out a more damaging method of delivery. Remember its viral!

A few comments on your face book page is not as damaging as a viral campaign! Food for thought. If you also happen to believe your customers do not hang out on social platforms because of their age, think again. Your customers are evolving and new customers mean more people using social media platforms!

Here is Dave’s video in case you missed it!

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