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Social Media Awards Launch Party…

I started out the year with some exciting news that my business blog had made the cut for a nomination for an award. The social media awards network in Vancouver, British Columbia had decided to put on an event with all the sponsors, nominees, judges and other influential people in the business community. The 100 plus guest list were invited to attend the launch party at the pink Thai restaurant downtown Vancouver.

The event brought about some large associations and marketing agencies. I was fortunate to hang out and connect with the Steven Kim who is the current president of the BCAMA Chapter. I also ran into Chris Breikss who is the founder of 6Smarketing which is one the more notable marketing agencies in Vancouver.

It is always essential to attend and bring a ton of business cards at these events as it’s a place to get to know people other than on a virtual level. I managed to get to meet people who I follow on twitter for months now and we finally managed to get a handshake and a face to the social interaction.

Social media really brings people together and the degrees of separation really is not that big anymore and everyone seems to be connected.

The coolest aspect of the night was when the trophies were unveiled. The artistic efforts put into the awards were truly awesome. There was some great networking conducted and I event managed to meet and talk to Dawn Chubai from the Breakfast Television Show. After the event some of us decided to grab a bite to eat and connect outside of the awards ceremony. I truly believe this was the most rewarding part of the evening as some great connections were made. It’s always important to get to know each other outside of the formal networking circuit.

You can view all the nominations below. I was honoured to be in nominated along some great companies and brands. It was truly a great way to start the year and the recognition really made all the efforts put in 2012 even more rewarding.

I have to say that regardless of who wins the awards all the nominees fully deserve to be in the final round. Each company and brand has worked really hard at displaying and showcasing their efforts in 2012. It reminds us of why we do what we do.

Well now that the year has kicked off I am really motivated and pumped to do even more in 2013. I expect to deliver more on the content delivery and go the extra mile in achieving my business goals.




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