Digital Rebel

Social Impact

Social Media has been pivotal for my brand in 2012. Before the year began my focus were solely on my international affiliations and back ground to the internet marketing community. Through affiliate marketing I had managed to build contact from across the globe. Yet through speaking and social media I was able to build a local following in less than a full year.

Social Media impacted my business in so many ways. Here are just a few areas where social media played a role in my success last year:

  • The ability to highlight social media week on several speaking events
  • Speaking at over 40 keynotes
  • Social conversations led to customers and paid workshops
  • Build a local community of followers
  • Lead generation
  • Build a content and internet marketing agency
  • Podcast Interviews
  • Become a content authority
  • Meet influencers and high power people

There are many other great accolades in 2013 thanks to social media. How has social media impacted your respective brand?

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