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Social Fans!

I have been asked on numerous occasions by business owners how they could drive social fans and followers towards their social platforms. Most business platforms typically assume that the quality of their social presence is based on their fan base. I do admit that it is important to build a community of loyal followers however this is not the main form of measuring how effective your social program is. This said I still need to give an overview on how to drive fans/followers towards your social platforms.

The truth is this process is both an online and offline process. Driving fans/followers is an ongoing process that becomes a routine. While some processes involve online methods such as platform presence, email marketing, social online presence we are seeing a continuous trend of offline strategies that are just as equally effective.

There are 3 factors to consider when you are trying to drive fans/followers towards your social platforms

  • The timing of your request
  • The incentive or benefits of following your brand
  • The engagement that will follow after the user shows interest.

Business can use their social platforms as a resource centre, support centre, engagement platform, a source of content to attract their audience.

What are you doing to create a buzz around your social platform?


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