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Social Failures.

In the past few months I have witnessed so many business fail at implementing social media. While we all agree today that there is a need for social media, there is also a need to do it right! Yet so many business miss the boat on how to do social media effectively. The proof is in the results. I have decided to highlight the 5 main reasons why your social media strategies might be failing today.

  1. Business decide to divorce all other forms of marketing and put all their eggs on the social media strategy. At the end of the day social media is another form of marketing, another spoke on your marketing wheel. In some cases social media is the glue for all your other marketing forms. Social media is what compliments your marketing strategy not the only form of it.
  2. Companies that expect instant ROI with social media will fail quick and fast. Social media takes time and there are stages to success. You cant measure the impact of social media on just the numbers, sales or revenue. Social media is an endless form of marketing similar to a billboard campaign. Its more about building a brand and less of selling a product.
  3. I have personally witnessed small business invest in thousands of dollars on social media guru’s who claim to have a mass following and charge outrageous costs for social media training. The truth social media implementation should have a bigger budget than training. Do not believe in the social media guru hype. There is no quick fix or instant success on social media.
  4. Business that focus on overrated metrics will fail to see any proper results. Social media should in the end drive traffic and deliver conversions. I see so many of these other forms of scores and metrics that do not mean anything. Ask yourself how this metric impacts your business? If it doesn’t, its time to move on.
  5. I smile every time I see status updates that are more one way conversations with yourself. If your social content is always a sales pitch and there is no interaction, its a good sign to loose the sales pitch. A social reaction good or bad is better than no reaction!

Have you fallen for any of these social pitfalls?

2 Responses to Social Failures.

  1. Really really true that pure sales pitches on social media likely get no response because people know what your game is. Ask a question and try something different. Competitions are very good for engagement on social media.

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