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Social contracts!

In business it is important to build a relationship with your followers, your customers and your prospects. Today its even more important to create that level of trust as your business depends on it. A social contract is defined as a relationship between business and consumer that isn’t just based on a sales process. With so much competition out there, a business cannot just focus on the sale when building a relationship with a prospect.

It is important to be personable, approachable and helpful with everyone you meet. Its important to be social but maintain the guidelines of business professionalism. You can be business casual but the importance is the impression you leave on the people you meet. The use of social media platforms gives you the power to set up social contracts with your customers! It is important to be genuine and treat people how you would want to be treated. Never under estimate who you are talking to or the circle of connections they might have.

I am consistently reminded of this every time I get a referral from someone who isn’t a client of mine. Most of the time people who are left with a lasting impression of you, will refer your business. Be yourself and allow others to see your strengths. This will assist you in creating a brand loyalty! Have you set up social contracts with your following lately?

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