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Social Awkwardness

I have been following a few big names in the industry online. I frequently am surprised at how socially awkward these people are in person. I recently had been following this individual for a few months. I engaged in many conversations online and even reached out to this individual. When we finally got to meet in person the conversation lasted minutes.

I find many people glued to their phones and computers are better communicators online than offline. In fact I was blown away at how this individual lacked a social presence and was not confident to carry a conversation. The worst thing you can do when someone is trying to converse with you is look at your cell phone. I was put off and decided to end the conversation early and on a high note.

If you are planning on having a brand presence or become a speaker you need to be able to communicate with people both offline and online. Charisma, personality and engagement is all key. If you are socially awkward and your body signals give off an unapproachable vibe you will start to see people avoid you in public settings.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder.. I am guilty sometimes and have actually taken to just leaving the phone in the car if I am not Tweeting for an event for The Communication Studio. If you are out for dinner.. do you need your phone unless you have a baby? I was meeting with a group of people for coffee last week and one of us carried out a complete conversation one the phone .. it was loud enough it was hard to talk, suggested she take it elsewhere, and she still sat there and talked… If I ever do that.. grab the duct tape.. you are welcome to use it!

    • The phone part I can handle for the most part, my challenge is when someone just creates a wall.

      Especially if I am trying to make an effort to carry a conversation, i expect some sort of interest :)

      Duct tape is good!

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