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Sleep it over!

In the past year like any other business I have some great accomplishments and some challenges. I think its safe to say that as a business owner you are constantly faced with tough decisions and choices to make. As a business strategist we focus on taking calculated risk. We also have to be great at effective and good decision-making. This skill comes with time and practise.

In business we sometimes are faced with challenges that test us. I recently was put in a situation where I could have reacted and taken action based upon anger and frustration. While it was easy to make irrational choices and act that way I decided to sleep over my response and deal with it at a level head. The results and impact of my choice was very different and fruitful that it is important sometimes to take the time to yourself to make good decisions.

It is recommended to make decisions with a clear head. The next time you have the opportunity to think your actions through, sleep it over.

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