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Show up!

I commonly get asked what is the best advise I can give small businesses or start-ups. My answer this year is simply show up and put yourself out there. You see in 2011 my biggest goal was to build a web presence and expose my business locally. After 45 keynotes, forums, panels, meet-ups, conference, seminars and workshops I can honestly say that it is essential to put yourself out there more than ever.

While you will not please everyone, you will get yourself known by the local market and this audience is pivotal to influence others to get to know you. I credit all of my exposure and success this year to showing up and effectively representing my brand through my content, keynotes and resources. I made a promise to blog, speak and network effectively in 2012 and this year has brought many rewards and accomplishments.

Remember if you do not show up someone else will. Your competitors are waiting on any opportunity to platform their products and services. Your competitors will gladly jump into the spot light. The best business advise is strategically place your presence and brand on events and engagements that will put you in the limelight!

Almost 95% of the events I attended, participated or spoke at delivered new leads, brought new business and attracted new followers and influences. Partnerships, alliances and strategies were all built through these events and credibility was gained. I managed to deliver more exposure this year locally than I have in any of my previous years.

Are you dressed for the prom but never leave the house?

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