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Should your business have a marketing budget?

Businesses today have been faced with a lot of adversity when it comes to marketing a business. In fact one of the most common areas where expenses are cut are usually in the marketing department. The causes might be a global recession, consumer buying habits or a sales decline. Unfortunately businesses correlate the decline in sales directly to the cost of marketing. While this might be the case for some businesses its not the only reason why your business might not be doing so well. The bigger challenge is most start up businesses get into the start up phase with the focus on getting ground up. All resources get tied into the start up that when it comes to the marketing platform there isn’t any budget left. This is one of the common reasons why start ups or businesses fail.
Everyone is so focused on getting the best results for the cheapest cost or for free that most start ups stop functioning quicker than the time it takes to get up. In fact most entrepreneurs don’t give their product line a chance because they expect customers to come in without any marketing. The truth is its not a matter of whether your business needs a marketing budget, its a matter of how you use the budget. There are a few factors to consider on a marketing budget.
  • A marketing budget doesn’t have to be big or small, instead the budget needs to be consistent.
  • Marketing budgets are used to experiment marketing strategies.
  • The results of the marketing get you to gauge results to determine what works and what doesn’t work
  • This in turn will help you spend future money on strategies that convert.
  • Take calculated risks by analyzing cost, effort and risk.
  • Track your results and stick to what works.
  • Identify reasons as to why marketing is failing
  • Keep up with marketing trends.
  • Marketing should be catered to engage your consumer audience.
  • Portion out your marketing strategies on paid strategies as well as free strategies.
Like any thing in life the more you put in the more you will receive provided you put the budget to good use. A marketing budget isn’t just about quantity anymore but more how you use it. Its okay to be frugal however avoid being cheap with your marketing strategies. Time are tough not because marketing doesn’t work but because consumers make buying decisions based on needs and wants.

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