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Should Businesses Blog?

A blog is a journalized entry of posts for the use of personal or business reasons with the intention of readership followers and engagement. To date there are over 156 million public blogs.  Blogging is still in its infancy and brings about many benefits to an online presence. Business blogs can be used to grow your business, build opt-ins and promote branding. Blogs, today, can also be used as a source of income when done correctly.

Bloggers are encouraged to write passionately and not just focus on the business end of it. Blog posts need to contain original and engaging content with less emphasis on a sales pitch. A subtle sales approach on a blog is recommended today. Bloggers are also warned not to post banner ads on the front fold of websites today as they run the risk of being penalized by the major search engines like Google.

Blogging platforms like Word press and micro blogging platforms like tumblr make blogging for businesses easy and quick to activate. Almost all business websites need to consider having a blogging aspect to their web presence as it promotes traffic and improves organic search engine rankings. The biggest challenge with businesses today is launching a website without a blog. Some businesses also make the fatal mistake of launching a blog but not posting frequently. You lose credibility when you don’t manage your web presence better.

The best tip for businesses wanting to blog is to focus on giving out quality content. Don’t just post irrelevant information on your post. The extra time you spend on proper research will pay off eventually. For those businesses that cannot post frequently you can also implement a guest blogging system. This strategy allows content from other authors and you can credit their site in return.

Some bloggers have also turned this into a stream of income by featuring banner ads, Google ad words and selling ad space on high content blogs. Businesses starting out are recommended to build a blog to build a list of opt-ins that you can eventually market to after a relationship has been built. There is an audience for almost any business out there; it’s just a matter of finding it!

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