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Sharing Content

Remember that old saying you are what you eat! Well in the social media sphere you are what you share! It is important for you to pay attention to what you are sharing on your social platforms. Your credibility and reputation depends on it. I recently got acquainted with a few acquaintances through the networking scene in Vancouver. Recently I noticed a few online marketers turn their social platforms into affiliate pitches. I was at a networking even where I kept hearing the same consistent negative feedback from a few followers. These followers clearly were upset by the constant barrage of sales pitches online.

I recently had to give a friend a reality check and inform him that some of the links he were posting on his social platforms were spam, websites that had no relevance to his business and some of the links were just shady. Remember when you put your name on any recommendations you are letting your followers know you endorse it. Your integrity is something you cannot afford to lose. I always inform my clients that while its important to share good content with your networks, crappy content can hurt you more.

Here are a few tips when sharing content with your platforms:

  • Read the content before you share it across your platforms (you will be surprised how many people do not do this)
  • Focus on over delivering great content and filter out spun content
  • Be a resource to your network
  • If you are sending a sales link be specific about this
  • Do not go overkill on the sales pitch
  • Segment your lists into different groups so you can customize how you communicate with them.

Google Plus offers circles so that you can do exactly this task. You can communicate to your contacts different based on the circle settings you have created. So the next time you decide to share a link, ask yourself how your followers will benefit from the content.

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